Heckroth statement on Trump’s healthcare sabotage

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – As the Trump Administration attempts to undermine the Affordable Care Act by reducing regulations and scrapping CSR payments, First District Congressional Candidate Thomas Heckroth released the following statement:

“The Trump Administration is continuing to play political games with the health and wallets of Iowans by working to unravel our nation’s healthcare system at all costs. One day after announcing that insurers would be allowed to once again sell inadequate plans with fewer consumer protections, he’s set to sabotage  our healthcare system even further and send premiums skyrocketing. This isn’t a political issue. In fact, many Republicans have already had the courage to speak out against this latest scheme. Of course, Rod Blum is once again silent and unwilling to stand up for First District families by advocating for quality, affordable coverage for all. We need to improve healthcare in this country and work to find innovative solutions, not send us backward and make health insurance less affordable.”