Iowans deserve good-paying jobs and an economy that rewards work, not just wealth. This includes equal pay for equal work, a $15/hour minimum wage, paid leave, and workplaces free of discrimination. We must grow the middle class by prioritizing infrastructure, manufacturing, research and technology, clean energy, and small businesses to lift the incomes of Iowa’s working men and women.



Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Today, for the first time ever, more than 90 percent of Americans have health insurance. We ended discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions. It’s time to get everyone covered: to protect women’s health and the right to choose, to put mental health on par with physical health, and to lower out-of-pocket costs.



Opportunity begins with education. Every Iowan deserves access to early childhood education, an outstanding public school with well-supported and better paid teachers, and the chance at an affordable, debt-free college education or training in a good-paying trade.



Investing in Iowa’s infrastructure creates good jobs now and supports a growing economy for years to come. Modernizing our roads, schools, broadband connections, and energy grid to support businesses and farms will form the foundation for decades of strong economic growth.



Iowans understand more than most that taking care of our families and communities starts with taking care of our land, water, and air. We can protect our environment, grow the economy, and create jobs through clean energy solutions and responsible land use that also helps us confront climate disruption. Read my climate statement here.



Today, Washington is in turmoil. There’s too much noise and not enough action on our priorities. We need to get special interest money out of politics and reduce their outsized influence over our Congress to finally make progress on the issues Americans care about. That begins by passing a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and taking other common sense steps to reduce outside influence in our elections.



LGBTQ Iowans have won important victories to secure their rights, but work still remains. We need nothing less than full federal equality and we must protect transgender rights while ensuring that LGBTQ people around the world have our nation’s support. Nobody in America should have to live in fear or face discrimination based on who you are or whom you love.



America must reclaim its moral leadership in the world. That means working for peace while supporting our fighting men and women, ensuring war is a last resort, and only sending American forces into combat when there’s a clear plan, defined objectives, and an exit strategy.



In America, we build bridges, not walls. We need an immigration policy that is humane, that doesn’t divide families, or deport people who were brought to America as children. Our nation grows stronger thanks to immigrants and weaker when we politicize immigration policy.



Iowa’s farm families are the cornerstone of the state’s economy. We must continue to provide our farmers with the tools they need to be the most innovative producers in the world. By investing in a strong safety net, developing fair trade opportunities, expanding market opportunities and incentivizing soil and water protection, we will continue to ensure our farmers provide America with a safe and abundant food supply.



Farm country and Iowa’s small towns are the heartbeat of our state. We need to prioritize investments to expand broadband and economic opportunities in our rural communities. The economic vitality of our rural communities also depends on ensuring affordable access to child care, housing and health care.



Together, Medicare and Social Security are America’s promise that a lifetime’s hard work comes with retirement security. We must fight any cuts to Social Security and Medicare, allow people to buy-in to Medicare at age 50, and do more to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. We must end policies that reduce anyone’s Social Security benefits if a worker left paid work to raise a family or lost a spouse before retirement.